Stop the HEA wrongfully suing homeschool families using our funds.

This is an open letter to all current HEA members from a member. I recently discovered that as a member of the Home Education Association (HEA) we are joined in wrongfully suing homeschool families. I never knew or gave permission for this to happen. These are not my values as a homeschooler. Nor is it the value of my friends and fellow homeschoolers.

What can we do to stop this and be removed from the committees actions?

The committee is made of volunteers willing to do the work of the HEA on behalf of its members. This committee currently does not represent us. By preparing a petition with 5% of the members, the members can demand the removal of these actions and to hold an SGM to restore the HEA to its members.

If this has disturbed you like it has me please sign the petition:

If you want to know more, the history or frequently asked questions, the My Say HEA members, have prepared the following articles:

How did you get my name?

We, the members of the HEA, have asked for the committee to provide the members list so we can communicate our objections and concerns. This is our right under the constitution. The committee to date has refused.

Its for this reason we have asked our friends to put a list together of members we can contact to let you know of the options and ways to stop being included in our committees actions. We are sorry if you are no longer a member or do not wish to be involved. If you do not want to be contacted again please reply to this email with STOP.


Concerned Member of the HEA

PS. Your vote, even as a concerned homeschooler, will make a difference to our community. If you have a friend who is a HEA member please let them know so they can remove their name from the committees actions.

Published by My Say HEA Team

My Say HEA is dedicated to the members of the Home Education Association. Our committee is misleading its members by suing homeschool families. This is not what Homeschooling represents or who we are.

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