Say NO to HEA Inc. SUING Homeschooling Families

Sign the petition to stop our Home Education Association suing homeschool families.

The Home Education Association Inc (HEA Inc) has been taken away from the members and used, without authority, to sue 5 home educators over the past 18 months. On every occasion there was no motion, no vote and no minute noted for the HEA to enter into litigation.

To the HEA committee. This petition of concerned members of the HEA and homeschoolers brings to attention the strong community opposition to your conflicts of interest and repeated and wrongful legal actions against homeschool families.

We the undersigned petitioners ask:

  • the HEA committee to stop and remove all legal actions.
  • The HEA to show evidence that they are not using members funds to pay lawyers that implicate us, the members, in their wrongful actions.
  • Pay the HEA staff for one year of unpaid wages.
  • After removing legal action set an SGM to install an all new, non conflict, committee.

Published by My Say HEA Team

My Say HEA is dedicated to the members of the Home Education Association. Our committee is misleading its members by suing homeschool families. This is not what Homeschooling represents or who we are.

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